Assorted Fun Stuff?

I'm working on it! There's a TON of stuff that needs to go here, but for now I offer you my OLD Web Site!

My original web site in 1987 was "The Hepcats Emporium of the Uncommon" that morphed over the years to various titles ending up being the Hepcats Edsel Page.
When I finally got around to purchasing a domain name, it became Edsel Motors, which is where you are now.

But there was a lot of "fun" stuff with the old page that I never got around to moving/updating for the new site, but I saved all the files, so if you click


you will be magically taken back in time to the last incarnation of the old web site. Most of the Edsel stuff at the beginning of that page is the same as what
you're finding here on Edsel, but if you scroll down you'll find a ton of links for all sorts of goofy stuff.  Oh, and if you find a link that's dead
let me know and I'll try to ressurect it!