"Selling the Corvair Over the Mustang"

Dealer Training Filmstrip

Now on DVD or Lo Res QT Download

At the Iowa Mini Convention I purchased a Chevrolet dealer training filmstrip titled "Selling the Corvair Over the Mustang". This film strip shows salesmen why the Corvair for 1965 is superior to the 1965 Mustang. If you're over 40 you should remember film strips. Long strip of 35mm film feeds into a special projector. Then there would be a phonograph record with the narration that would play while the teacher ran the projector. Every so often there would be a "beep" indicating it was time to change to the next picture on the film strip. In an effort to recreate this experience, but with the convenience of modern DVDs, I have scanned each film image, recorded the original soundtrack from the original vinyl record, and put them together into a nifty DVD you can play in your very own home DVD player or computer. I have also made the presentation into a low resolution Quicktime Movie that you can download and watch on your computer. So, there are now two ways to get this. You can download the Quicktime movie, or purchase a DVD. I made no effort to "fix" the sound (it sounds like it's really a record, 'cause it is, complete with the occasional click etc..) nor did I try to fix the color balance of the filmstrip images. If you remember filmstrips you remember the color was always somewhat red. I left it how we remember them. So it's a real retro experience! Running time is about 6 minutes 45 seconds. Naturally the quality of the DVD is about a thousand times better than on the little QT download.

To PURCHASE A DVD: The cost is $10.00 which includes shipping. I have decided that any profit generated by sales of these DVD's will be donated to the Corvair Preservation Foundation (click for info). So, you can get a groovy DVD, and help preserve the Corvair's history. Easiest way to do this is to send $10.00 via Paypal to: hepcats@uslink.net. Be sure to indicate that this is for a filmstrip DVD and be sure your mailing address is included and correct. I will send one off to you post haste. If you do not use Paypal, drop me an e-mail, and I will send you an address to which you can send a check or money order.

If you'd just like to see the movie in low resolution, just click the download link below and you'll get a cute little Quicktime movie of the whole filmstrip.

Click to Download QT Movie (about 7 megs)