Here we are at the autocross and racing page. Sadly, there is not a lot to report yet. The only event we have to report on is the "Nascar Racing Experience" as part of the "Iowa Mini" put on by the Iowa Corvair Enthusiasts, summer 2005. Ryan and I each ran my '64 in this event, 4 runs each. Ryan did manage to beat me by a couple seconds, which in racing time is like a couple hours. But nonetheless it was fun, and we've started getting a little experience anyway. The I.C.E. guys put on a great mini convention.

Me on the track at Hawkeye Downs, Cedar Rapids, IA. You know it's me..white t-shirt and huge head! Best time 58:857

(Click the photos to see bigger pics) Photos courtesy Terry Kalp....Thanks Terry

Ryan on the track at Hawkeye Downs. You can tell it's him 'cause he's going faster! Best time 56:639

We are looking forward to participating in many more events in 2006. Ryan should have his '65 on the road next season too, so it will not only be a father/son competition, but an early/late battle as well. Be sure to visit our Corvair Stores for Corvair T-shirts and other groovy stuff.


We use Amsoil products in our Corvairs, and I've also used Amsoil exclusively in all my cars and other motors since 1979. Click "Amsoil" to visit the Amsoil webpage. Sure, there are cheaper oils. But for a few bucks more why not use the best! And be sure to have a look at the new Amsoil air filter for many Corvair applications, better than paper, better than wet gauze (oiled) filters.

Milk from Dahl's Sunrise Dairy-Official beverage of the Hepcats Racing Team !

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