I have decided that the focus of existence on this planet of ours is to sell. To sell our product over any other. To make sure the profit margin is as high as possible. To make things look better than they really are.

The science of selling, merchandising, if you will, has gotten out of control. Nobody does anything, without making sure they can turn a profit. Do you have any idea how much thought goes into exactly where each box of cereal is placed on the shelves. How many man hours are spent deciding the name of a product. How much effort goes into BS'ing the average American.

This all came to head at the grocery store today. I noticed almost every bag of chips was at least twice as big as it needed to be to contain the chips that were inside. Room for packing and settling during shipping, says the package. Not to mention that a lesser quantity of product, looks like more, and stands out better on the shelf. Then, they puff the bag full of air, to make it look and feel fuller. What amazes me are the companies that even have non-see thru packages, so you can't actually see that they are actually only half full.

Commercials on television have gotten so annoying I don't see how they can sell anything. Flash Flash Boom Bang Zip Zip, and it's all over. Not a word about the product. After a minute of dizzying hysteria, it says "Nike. Just Do It". Do What? Buy the shoes? (Only if you were familiar with the product name, would you know Nike's are shoes. They never showed them in the ad). Why should I buy them? If I do, my life will Flash Flash Boom Bang, Zip Zip right by? I don't think that's what I'm after. Tell me about the product. Why will these Nikes be good for me. How long will they last. What are they made of. I see ads like this for everything. Cars. Food, Clothing. Strictly an "Image" You, too, can have a cute butt if you buy these jeans. Lemme tell ya, there ain't a pair of jeans made that are gonna give ME a cute butt.

Everything is over marketed, and over packaged, and nothing is ever advertised for what it can do for me. There is no plain old honest, here's what this will do for you advertising anymore. Well, OK, there are a FEW. Like the old guy with the 6 pound vacuum. And the guy with the motel with the light left on.

I saw a TV ad today for a Barbie doll that goes under water. It's like skin diving Barbie, or something like that. Shows cute little girls diving Barbie and her Dolphin friend in a big ol' tank of water. Yup, every kid has a big HUGE (like 100 gallon) aquarium laying around, so Barbie can go diving! I wanted to buy one, tie an anchor around Barbies neck, and sink her to the bottom of our goldfish tank, but my wife wouldn't let me.

I saw a baby doll that, (excuse the grossness) actually blows little snot bubbles out her nose. This is the worst thing I've ever seen. YIKES! Here, mommy, play with my dolly...oops..she blew boogers all over you..tee hee tee hee.. Lets make a REAL dolly that smarts off. "Lets go to bed, Susie". "Up yours, Mom. I wanna boogie".

Here's another product that's bugging me. Keds. Good ol' Keds sneakers. They advertise as being "True Blue" (naturally a reference to the blue names on the heels, and the Americanism of their product). Keds, for the most part, are just like the cheaper brands of the same white sneaker. Just that Keds cost about ten times as much. You assume you're getting a superior, American, Union made product. Look in your Keds. Made in Indonesia. Or Taiwan. or China. Same place as those sneakers that cost you $2.99, instead of $19.99. your paying for the MARKETING!

We have to take a moment, while we are shopping, and try to look past the packaging, the bull shit, and the marketing. What makes it all more confusing, is that sometimes, the name brand, more expensive product is, actually, by far, better. I find that the less a more expensive product is advertised the better the product is. The money is spent on the product, rather than the marketing. Intelligent people know enough to research, and find the good stuff. Examples? Hasselblad Cameras. Almost never see an ad, but those in the know, know they are among the worlds finest. Amsoil. Finest motor oil ever. All the money is in product development instead of advertising. Gumout Carburetor cleaner. Works so much better than the "store brand"

When's the last time you saw a Rolls Royce TV ad? Bentley? Mercedes? How about Birkenstock sandals. They never advertise, but everyone wants them. Which brings up another angle. The knock offs. These are products that look like the real thing, but aren't. Birkenstocks are a great example. You know, the cork soled sandals with the two straps across the top. Birkenstock has made these for I'm sure over 20 years. Suddenly, they caught on among the less fanatical people, soon, everyone had them. Except they had the $12.99 look alikes, instead of the $89.95 Real Thing. However,. the Real Thing lasts for about 10 years, instead of 6 months. They are more comfortable, and fit better. That's because the real thing is sold only in shoe stores, where real clerks actually FIT you. I swear 95% of the people I see wearing "fake" Birks, have sandals that are too small. Their heel hangs over the back. "I'm a 8 dammit, and I'm buying an 8, if it fits or not". You need to compare. You need to read thru the BS. You need to identify the BS'ers and the honest people, making an honest product.

What's the point of all this. Watch out for the over sold, over packaged product. They are making us buy things based on image rather than value, and in the process making a lot of extra garbage to deal with, like double size chip bags, little radio's in big boxes. etc..etc.. Buy quality based on reputation, not on marketing.

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