Phil Skinner is continuing in his efforts to document each and every Edsel remaining on the face of the earth. He is doing this by gathering data plate information. He presently has information for over 6700 Edsels in the US and over 120 in Canada. Basically, what Phil is asking is for you to send him data plate information for each and every Edsel you may own. In exchange, Phil will decode your data plate, and return this information to you. Now, you know that you can decode your data plate elsewhere on this website, and also with an Edsel shop manual. However, Phil will tell you much more about your car than you can get from simply decoding your plate. He can tell you the nearest manufactured Edsel still in existence to the date yours was made, and lots more. It's well worth the time to drop Phil a note with your data plate info. Even for parts cars or junkers. Do YOUR part to help build the worlds most complete database of Edsel documentation. Phils address is:

Phil Skinner, P.O. Box 6784, Fullerton, CA 92834-6784.