My Photography Page

Clever title, eh?  Really, I promise very soon this page will be hustling and bustling with fun graphics and photo stuff.

In the meantime I encourage you to visit some of my photo places on the web.

My Flickr Home Yes, Flickr. A very handy place to upload your photos. I've started putting photos there including those taken with my Sony-Ericsson w580i cell phone.  This will also be the place for various family snapshots and also my creative TTV (that's Thru the Viewfinder) and pinhole work (once I get around to posting it anyway)

My very own photograpy magazine. I've been an avid photo magazine reader since about 1971. while reading I always think "I should write an article about...." realizing that I'd never meet any real magazine's publishing guidelines, never take the trouble to create a proper submission and all that fancy stuff. Along came the internet and I've started a photography theme blog.  After months of research and market studies I came up with the perfect title "Tim's Photo Magazine" Have a  look for everything about ideas on what should be invented to reviews of fun and classic cameras -- and maybe even a rant or two.