The Corvair songs just keep on commin'... Here's "Corvair" by Racecar.

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Here are the lyrics so you can sing along!


We drove the width of the nation in a Corvair

her parents said "Take it honey" just to get her out of their hair

I've heard Ralph Nader talk about the danger but I prefer to be unaware

if our generation is the last of our civilization

I'll be there to close the last of the Amoco's


we got lost in the middle of nowhere in a Corvair

stopped in the desert and fixed it with a thousand yard stare

dug our toes into the embers and asked

"Do you remember when none of us had ever been there?"

if our generation wears a hole in the soul of creation

I'll be there to see the sun through the atrophy


we got us a room in Dinosaur

washed 200 miles of dirt that we wore down the drain

to join the inland sea

I try to sleep but the motion keeps waking me

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