Hear That Giant SUCKING Sound?

Just wondering if anyone else is hearing that giant sucking sound resounding through out our country? You know the one I'm talking about...the sound of Big Bizzness sucking the life out of America. Sucking out personality, individual rights, and most importantly MONEY out of each and every one of us. Suck Suck SUCK! Cleanly and efficiently sucking every one of us dry. Oh, sure, every now and then Big Bizzness hits a marble on the floor, someone who won't give in, like me..maybe you. We get sucked in, and rattle around a bit till either we get ground up and sucked in too, or hopefully they have to shut down the machine, shake us out of the workings, and come back for us later. This is gonna be loooong and painful, but I urge you to stick it out.

Big Bizzness has pissed me off for years. It's just that sometimes things come along that push me over the edge. This weekend I was visiting area Goodwill stores. You know, stores where people donate their old stuff so that it can provide jobs for...what I think we're calling "developmentally disabled" this week (but I'm not sure on the proper politically correct nomenclature right now). Anyway, people donate clothes, shoes, TV sets, books, records, computers, heck even CARS! Well, my recent visit found me getting the flyer pictured below.

Well, I guess now there's no reason for me to go to Goodwill. Not accepting electronics because these items may have dangerous materials in them. yeah, right. At first I thought "OH NO! Another round won by the Eco-Terrorists" but then...ah HA! I realized it was part of the Big Bizzness plot to rule the world! When you get thru all the Eco-Babble and goody goody crap you realize the plan is REALLY: We've GOT to stop people from buying used stuff and make them buy more cheep TV sets made in Singapore! Everytime someone goes to the Goodwill and picks up a 13 inch TV set for the cabin for $4 the Wal-Mart loses out on the sale of a $58.00 dollar set made by some company we can't pronounce. We've thus defeated Big Bizzness, which they can't possible stand for. Hey, they think there's hazardous materials in those old telephones what do they think is in all those CARS they sell? Oh, but we can't stop doing THAT, they make too much cash at their twice annual car auctions. To heck with the problem that they may be selling unsafe vehicles to poor people who can't fix them to make them safe. Wait till the wheels fall of some 1978 Cordoba and someones mom sues Goodwill for selling them a rolling death trap! Yup, we gotta stop people from using old stuff and get them to buy new stuff, and the best way to do that is with Eco-Terrorism orchestrated by Big Bizzness. Oh MY GAWD! you bought that stereo at GOODWILL! There could be deadly..dirt clods in there. Get to the store and buy yourself one of those new fangled machines that dosen't play RECORDS, and only picks up the nearest brainwashing FM pop or country station. Too many marbles on AM these days. I don't have the time or space (or patience) to go into it now, but among those who open their eyes to the truth and the FACTS, recycling programs for everything from aluminum cans to mercury batteries and fluorescent lightbulbs in driven by Big Bizzness and in reality does NOTHING to help the environment or save natural resources. They just SCARE you into believing it helps so you feed their Bizzness machine.

Speaking of Big Bizzness, I've always wondered. Why is it every time they want to build a big monster Super Duper Wal-Mart someplace the local community always protests it? But when Bill Gates and Micro$oft was in all that hot water so many came to his defense? Keep the Wal-mart out, as it will bring death to our local small businesses who won't be able to compete, and bring is all sorts of traffic problems. But leave Bill alone. He's an American businessman who has worked hard for his success. Yeah. Right. By monopolizing the software industry, threatening suppliers who wouldn't bow down and agree to exclusive deals, eating up competitors and independent thinkers. I just don't get it. Kill Wal-Mart, save Bill Gates. Wait..I can hear it.....suck Suck SUCK....

Big Bizzness has entwined itself into everything. The school system is a GREAT example. The public schools of this country are one of the greatest marketing tools ever devised! Whoo Baby! I don't even know where to start, and believe me I know..I've got 4 kids, three of whom have completed their turn in the public marketing machine. Filling out forms, surveys, gathering demographic data. Pumping it all directly to Big Bizzness. Look at the fundraising your kids school does. Bet your kids been out trying to sell something. Candy bars, wrapping paper, magazines, seeds and on and on. Nestles is a good one. Sell these candy bars. $2 each. The kids get a buck for every one sold. So your kid brings home a case. Now, in the old days a kid would go out and sell them, door to door, to friends parents, etc. Oh, but not now. it's dangerous to send a kid out on the street, so the folks haul them to work. Where they find cases of candy bars from the other parents kids. We all eat them, get fat, and go broke. Or, they sit at home, everyone just eats them, and Dad send a check to the school for the whole case. Just how much do you think these companies make off selling tons and tons and tons of candy bars. such Suck SUCK... With all the leg work done by the kids! What a great workforce! it'd be easier and more cost efficient for the schools to just send home a note saying "Hi, we need cash for math books. We can either send home 24 candy bars you can eat and you can send us a check for $48, $24 of which we can keep, the other $24 will go to the Mega-Chocolate Corporation so the account rep for their office for our State can make the insurance payments on his new BMW, OR you can just write the school a check for $24 and we'll bypass all the bullshit". I think a note like that would be BRILLIANT and a great RELIEF to parents and make fundraising a piece of cake for the schools.

Face it, Big Bizzness has us by the balls. Been to one of those Rent-To-Own places? Here's another great Big Bizzness scam foisted upon the stupid. And face it, they're doing their best to keep as many people STOOPID as they can, 'cause they make more money that way. For GAWDS SAKE Stay OUT of the Rent-To-Own shops. I made the mistake of falling into this big sucking hole many years ago. Wound up paying $1350 for a $400 camcorder. They "sell" the item at full suggested retail which is almost always 50% and more over what you could buy the same thing for at Wal-Mart (suck Suck SUCK) but instead those payment of only $12.75 a week suck you in. Then there's the contract set up fee, and all the other crap. And when you're done the TV you could have bought outright wound up costing you $450. That is, IF you kept up the payments and didn't crap around after paying, oh, say $235 and they took the TV back, and now you've got NOTHING. It's an out and out RIP-OFF! SUCK SUCK SUCK here the cash flying out of your pocket into that of Big Bizzness!

Been sucked into the Cell Phone trap yet? Don't start me. I'll have a complete separate commentary on THAT farce shortly. How about auto financing. You've heard the ads: Get a new 2003 Zoom Mobile for 0% financing, no money down, no payment for 2 years, and free option package 45T which includes direct marketing link from your brain to the company" Oh I want one! (suck). Oh, I'm sorry sir, you're credit isn't of the caliber required...but we CAN sell you the new Zoom Mobile for only $1000 down, and at 16% interest. Of course, we'll need a co-signer.So lets say the new Zoom Mobile costs $15,000. The loaded guy pays $312 a month (48 months no interest) the poor guy pays $425 a month at 16%. See that's the way to be SURE the poor guy can't better himself. Screw him at every opportunity make SURE he can't afford to be seen in a car as good as the uptown guys..you know..the guys running Big Bizzness. suck Suck SUCK!

TV, music, movies. All Big Bizzness. All carefully designed to reach the lowest common denominator. Don't make the show to clever, the song to well played, the movie too deep, we don't want to lose all the idiots who are watching or listening. We've got to get 'em ALL. Why does popular music stink? Gotta reach the biggest audience. So it's a watered down missmush of crap. Same for TV. Movies. Watch some OLD TV, rent some OLD movies. You'll see the quality difference. Unless of course, you're an IDIOT in which case you won't understand the old movie, the classical music, the jazz or the blues. Why the hell else is crap like Weakest Link, Survivor, and Fear Factor so successful. Because IDIOTS believe it's really real, and hell, they're idiots, they're impressed with those who know all those answers. What's easier for Big Bizzness? Writing a good show with real actors, or paying some idiot $10,000 to eat maggots? Jeezus people. I'm so disappointed in 99.9% of the world. Whats worse is even those few havens where we THINK we're getting away from Big Bizzness aren't real. Look at public radio. There you get the diffferent music. A thinking mans station. An industry driven by donations from Big Bizzness who get nice tax write offs, and a foot in the door in getting their messages to the marbkes on the carpet (see paragraph one if you're lost). On PBS they read an add, call it underwriting and the Big Bizzness gets a tax write off the the Eco-Terrorists get their message and think they're swell. suck Suck SUCK!

Please note the difference between Big Bizzness and a successful businessman. Big Bizzness is faceless and free of morals and will do anything to SUCK your money and brain into their bag of tricks. A successful businessman will strive to meet your real needs, and prides himself on his craft. A handmade boomerang of fine maple crafted by someone who throws them, or one of polystyrene churned out of a big machine. The choce is yours. Take up the challenge, and become a marble on the carpet...before it's too late and you're just another faceless speck in the dustbag of Big Bizzness.

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