Directory of Songs with CORVAIR References!

This list is certainly not complete..and may never be...I discovered there are a TON of songs with Corvair references in them. I've decided that a reference does not warrant a sound clip or song download, but you can seek out these artists in your local music store or on the internet. Just fun to see all the different references to the Corvair in music! Artist, song title, and lyric quote are here for your convenience! I will update as I collect them.


Jim White- Corvair

Sunlight in the weeds...I wish that I was the ghosts

dancing in the breeze...blowing through my mind.

Got a Corvair in my yard. It hasn't run in fifteen years.

It's a home for the birds now. It's no longer a car.

Last night I dreamed that I was swimming in a sea.

Like always, with everything I went in too deep.

Got a Corvair in my yard. It hasn't run in fifteen years.

It's a home for the birds now. It's no longer...a car.

Got a simple friend out west, and in the blink of an eye,

I'd swap him straight, his life for mine...and never wonder "Why?".


Weird Al Yankovic-Belvedere Cruising

Now, you won't find me braggin'

'Bout my big green station wagon

Or tellin' 'bout the traffic laws I'm breakin'

Everybody knows that I wouldn't dare

Match my wits with a red Corvair

And just the thought of a Pinto leaves me shakin'


Diamond Rio-That's Just That

But they used to jump in his CORVAIR

They're side by side without a care

Drive till the scenery was right

Lay on a blanket on the ground

And watch the clouds blow around

Just holdin' each other tight

They were so in love

Yeah they were so in lovev


Deana Carter-I'm Just a Girl

I need an old Corvair with the top down,

And a backseat for my friends.

I need baseball and apple pie to feel alive.

Gimme a Coca-Cola sundae and a Beach Boy's serenade.

I need freedom to be all around the world.

I'm a Southern girl.


Joyce Woodson-Cement Bridge

We used to go drivin' in Dad's old Corvair

We'd drink sodas and pretend it was beer

Save them for later to take to the ridge

Watch them break and shatter 'neath that cement bridge


Dr. Elmo-Dr. Elmo's No Cash Clinic and Pawn Shop

(Yes, this is Elmo of "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" fame)

You got a pesky bug, bring us your Persian rug

Need a lobotomy, bring in your old RV

We'll plant some brand new hair just for a Frigidaire

Or even an old Corvair; we care at...

Dr. Elmo's No-Cash Clinic & Pawn Shop

We be on duty 'round the clock

Franchises available!

Dr. Elmo's No-Cash Clinic & Pawn Shop

Where it feels good to be in hoc

Remember, Dr. Elmo's, your vehicle to health!


R. Stevie Moore Grease Theme

don't you think it's cool to have a crewcut

or wearing buckle shoes with white socks

don't you ever wish you were a baby

eating gerber's baby food

in a crib all in the nude

and getting your diaper changed

even when it's full

very deliciously tasted

campbell's chicken soup

300 bucks spent but wasted

wish we had it back

oh lost my girlfriend

oh this is the end

oh my corvair has four flat tires


The Church- Essence

It's not the size of the Corvair

It's not the way that you die

It's not the day that you knelt and pray

But anybody could try

It's not the buildings and railroads

It's not the harvest of corn

It's not the chassis or engine

You were manic when you were born

Oh yeah, oh yeah


Corbin-Hanner- Big Belaire

I drive a big BelAire, I drive a big BelAire

It ain't no little Corvair, it's a big BelAire

I park it in the barn to keep it safe from harm

And when the cold wind blows, I keep the barn door closed

When I was seventeen, I fell for a beauty queen

I could never see what she saw in me

I thought she loved my looks, I thought she loved my hair

The only thing she loved was my big BelAire


Ain't No Devil -Dale Thompson

Going to raise the dead sleeping in my bed

Going to open blind eyes can satisfy

At the pearly gates walking on the lake

On the mountain top going to steal and rob

By the river side going to baptize

Going to dry those eyes ain't no devil going to crash them skies It all came crashing down timber tumbled to the ground

With a tobacco tan he climbed thin air Life's too short to box with God promised he would not spare the rod Surrendered to Jesus in the back of a Corvair


John Hiatt- My Old Friend

My old friend

You make me feel young again

My old friend

You're just as pretty as you were back then

A Corvair with no floorboards, a Gibson Hummingbird

Driving south to the mouth of the riversong

Patchouli oil and motor oil

And you knew all the words

Now you're looking fine

In a hook-up line


Boatanicaisa Band - Big Thing

I'm hanging on to the wrecking ball of my life

Hugging that steel like I hug my wife

I get so hard, and she's so soft

Then I crash up against that wall


Luna came to me in a dream Red lipstick on her coat, like ice cream On her fangs as she barks at my dog Corvair racing up to the moon

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